Aldonk Sheet Metal Industries was founded in 1966 by Messrs. Van Alphen and Verdonk. Since 1968 we have been part of the Barth corporate group. Thanks to these many years of experience and our skilled team we develop and manufacture based on your wishes, and demand outstanding sheet metal solutions.

We actively think along with you from the very moment that you present us with your innovative concept or detailed design. Not only do we look at the potential sheet metal solution, we also look at its application, and the possibilities thereof. All so we can better meet your needs, and to achieve the best possible results – a goal to which our entire team of skilled engineers and metal workers contributes to reach. With short lines of communication, commitment from our personnel and a flexible manufacturing process we realize high quality and short lead times, even with custom-made products and small orders.

By partnering with Aldonk your team is instantly supplemented by our skilled engineers and metal workers. All processes are carried out with the utmost diligence, ensuring the highest possible quality.

still in the idea phase, the way to the end result is often still unclear. Finding this way is something which we will proactively guide you in. The production of small orders also demands great flexibility, which is something Aldonk combines with short lead times.

like to think along with you during each phase of development and production. We have passion for our trade, and it is for this reason that you can count on a great commitment to you, your wishes, and your product. All to achieve outstanding sheet metal solutions.

Accredited on-the-job training company
At Aldonk Sheet Metal Industries we have plenty of challenges for people interested in the metal sector. We offer an excellent foundation for job training to young people who are still attending school, as we are an accredited on-the-job training company!